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Take control of your company's ESG credentials and systematically build sustainability brand value


What do you do if your company receives an ESG rating - based upon some mysterious algorithm - that fundamentally misrepresents all your hard work in becoming a 'good corporate citizen' ?

With the rise of 'sustainable investing' - and of global ESG rating agencies supporting the industry - it's a story being reported more and more by bewildered companies. And the consequences can be dire, with customers shunning your products and investors taking their money elsewhere.

SeeMyESG lets you showcase what you're actually doing with ESG. It puts companies in control of their sustainability journey, manages the collaborations through your supply chains necessary for continuous improvement, and allows your stakeholders to track your progress and do their own due diligence online.


ESG (environmental, social, and governance) reporting - or ‘sustainability reporting’ - emerged out of global moves to align capital markets with sustainability goals through standards and regulations. ESG is no longer optional. It has gone from niche and narrow to a necessary part of institutional investing and asset management.

SeeMyESG is a SaaS workflow management and analytics platform that allows companies across all industries to select the most appropriate ESG indicators (ESGIs) for their business and then collaboratively build individual profiles for each one. These profiles allow the company to plan an annual continuous improvement roadmap for each ESGI and provide their stakeholders - investors, business partners, customers, staff and regulators - with a window into the company's sustainability journey.

SeeMyESG is not a new ESG standard and doesn’t reflect the approach of any particular standard or regulation. Instead, the unique data collection profile and workflow management processes associated with each individual ESGI allows companies to navigate a ‘line of best fit’  among the major global standards and regulations that apply to their business - and the jurisdictions in which they operate - including EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR); ILO; S&P 500 ESG Index; UN Sustainable Development Goals; World Bank-International Finance Corporation; World Economic Forum.



How it Works

How it Works

  • A SlaveCheck paid subscription includes a free subscription to SeeMyESG including three ESG Indicators ('ESGIs') - Modern Slavery and two others from the expanding list of indicators. Fees apply for additional ESGIs.

  • Once a SlaveCheck subscriber registers in SeeMyESG, their organizational details and multi-tier supply chain information that they have been progressively building in SlaveCheck can be incorporated into their individual ESGI profiles in SeeMyESG.

  • Non-SlaveCheck subscribers can subscribe directly to SeeMyESG but they won't have the added benefit of being able to collaboratively engage their multi-tier supply chains in their sustainability journey.

  • Select the most appropriate ESGIs for your company and pay the subscription fee to activate your account.

  • Build individual risk-based profiles for each of your ESGIs

  • Run the Reports and plan your ESGI-specific continuous improvement roadmap for the following year

  • Control who you share your ESG credentials with - securely online via read-only access within SeeMyESG or export your Reports and data to your own analytics and reporting systems

SeeMyESG will be live in H1-2024

For Companies

SeeMyESG for Companies

  • Help your stakeholders better understand your company’s strategy, corporate purpose, culture and management quality;

  • Benchmark your performance to understand your areas of strength and weakness and take a risk-based approach to continuous improvement;

  • Differentiate your sustainability efforts from your peers in the eyes of your investors and the community;

  • Project a strong, responsible message to stakeholders and appeal to more women and millennials as employees and customers;

  • A clear, active and improving ESG position could help you access a broader source of capital;

  • Be proactive and be prepared to respond to increasingly-aware investors and consumers interested in your sustainability journey.



For Investors

SeeMyESG for Investors

  • Gain deeper insights into the risk and opportunities facing businesses you are investing in;

  • Balance risk adjusted financial returns with sustainability benefits;

  • Meet your clients' needs and requests, and satisfy your ESG mandates;

  • Adhere to climate finance and regulatory investment targets and disclosure standards;

  • Investors believe ESG factors could translate to financial impact over a long term time horizon, for both fixed income and equity investments;

  • Investors believe that integrating ESG could help improve the investment outcome in terms of return enhancement or risk reduction.


About SeeMyESG

SeeMyESG grew out of SlaveCheck, as a result of ESG fund managers inquiring whether the SlaveCheck platform could be applied to broader ESG compliance and reporting, which it can.

SlaveCheck is a Collective Intelligence solution which was developed to address identified shortcomings in the global modern slavery elimination program. The systematized, collaborative workflow for information gathering and continuous improvement means the approach could be replicated for other ESG indicators.

SeeMyESG and SlaveCheck were founded by Tim Murray who runs the Group as Executive Chairman.

Both companies are headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

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